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Hello glorious! I trust you are amazing! SO looking forward to connecting with you! Drop us a line and thank you for signing up! What happens to your nervous system, under pressure, and how do we slow down enough to ease up? Sign up here for my toilet talks as an introductory course in basic emotional can be messy...this is your chance to clean up a bit! And features me, on the toilet, in the mornings! HA HA! Get er done. Seriously though, you need the course!​ Or sign up for $22 a month with the members club and get access to ALL kinds of insightful content from each of our merrymaker host's. Featured songs for tonight's playlist include: Eclipse by Pink Floyd Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie Here is the link to your precious needs! For language practice and thriving relationships so your friends, family and lovers can learn how to meet you!​ YAY! Blessings sunshine!

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