About Our Business

Radiance aka Mimi Burns, Founder

Building partnerships in the grand adventure! From her radio, television, coaching, producing and international touring career as a musician, Radiance, (a.k.a. Mimi Burns), has thrived 28 years in the entertainment and emotional health industries. Her purpose is dedicated to set a new standard of emotional health in the entertainment industry. Her programs and coaching empower people to transform their lives with the tools of emotional literacy and embodied empathy. Through engaging seminars and shows embracing fun, connectivity, while teaching people to embrace the mess that life sometimes has to offer.  

Radiance has a Therapeutic Bachelors degree, while currently applying toward graduate research in social transformation. She enjoys creating a space for people to remember how to allow joy into their life. She is a strong advocate for restoring the voices of the youth and veterans. She LOVES being a mom, rock star and visionary. 

Over ten years, Mimi has been traveling to learn from skilled leaders in the emotional intelligence field as it applies to brain and heart science. Although her main focus is for musicians and her creation, Lighthouse Affects, is a fun and innovative way to bring emotional literacy, to the people.

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